We provide essential services to the development of the economy, environmental protection and improving the quality of life of populations in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

We use the experience accumulated over decades to plan, design, construct, operate, maintain and manage water supply and sanitation systems that serve more than 8 million people.

We develop and manage water supply and sanitation services, using tested methodologies and innovative solutions.
  • Organizational Development | Infrastructural Asset Management | Network Management and Losses and Leakage Control | Commercial and Customer Relationship Management | Water Quality Control | Laboratory Management | Demand Management | Performance Monitoring | Energy Efficiency | Water Safety Plans

We operate and maintain water supply and sanitation infrastructure, in large urban centers and rural areas, in order to enhance their life cycles.
    • Operation & Maintenance | Sludge Management and Valorisation | Energy Management Systems | Operational Management | Network Modeling | Remote Management and Automation | Inspection and Evaluation of Infrastructures

    We plan and monitor the implementation of investments in infrastructures, effectively and rigorously.
    • Investment Planning | Master Plans | Infrastructure Projects Feasibility Studies | Contract and Technical Specifications | Planning and Investment Control | Procurement and Contracting Processes

    We define strategies and policies for institutional capacity building and the development of the water supply and sanitation services, in line with the 2030 SDG.
      • National, Regional and Local Strategic Planning | Sector Policy and Regulation | Socioeconomic and Gender Studies

      We develop and implement training programs, ensuring effective transfer of knowledge
      • Elaboration and Management of Training Programs for Sector Professionals | Thematic Seminars and Workshops | On the job trainin | Technical Courses in School facilities